The Center for Architecture and Urban Studies was founded by Associate Professor Franklin Setzer and Dean Daniel Bennett. 


Professor Cheryl Morgan moved The Center from Auburn's main campus to Birmingham, Alabama.

Mid 90's

The Center was involved in many Birmingham projects: Pepper Place Farmer’s Market; studies that championed the future Railroad Park; and mid-town housing investigations.


Professor Cheryl Morgan becomes the full-time director of the Center. During Morgan's tenure, she spearheads the Small Town Design Initiate which completed over 50 projects.


The Center moved to the historic Young and Vann Building at First North and 18th Street.


The Center hosted its last fourth year class due to transition from quarters to semesters.


The Center began to use the shorter name of Urban Studio.


Urban Studio launched a 16-week internship in professional offices.


Urban Studio was invited to the Aspen Design Institute to participate in a Rockefeller Foundation funded AIG Design for Good Summit.


Urban Studio hosted and participated in an AIA R/UDAT for the Pratt City of Birmingham and worked closely with FEMA as a result of the tragic tornadoes in 2011.


Urban Studio hosted and facilitated a National Endowment for the Arts Mayors Institute on City Design that included national experts and mayors from Birmingham, Brownsville, TX, Slidell, LA, Hattiesburg, MS, Waxhaw, NC and Patterson, NJ. 


Professor and Urban Studio Director Cheryl Morgan retired from Auburn University.


Urban Studio moved to the historic Porter Building at the corner of Third Avenue North and 20th Street.


Architect Alex Krumdieck became Interim Director of the Urban Studio.


Urban Studio is opened to third year architecture students starting in the fall semester.


Alex Krumdieck becomes the director of Urban Studio. Urban Studio begins focusing on work in the city of Birmingham while continuing charrette work with Design Alabama in their Design Vision Program in 2019. The Studio's Birmingham focus has led to outreach projects being completed in areas like Avondale, Woodlawn, Smithfield and McLendon Park.


The Design Vision program with Design Alabama begins. Since then, students have worked on projects in Camden, Wedowee and Fairhope.